Instructional Methods: What are the main features of a lesson?


Chapter Six

Planning for Teaching

6c ii). Explain main features of a lesson

A good lesson plan has a number of features:

  1. Administrative details: this shows the name and registration number of the student-teacher, school, subject, form, stream of the class, e.g. 1W, date when the lesson will be taught e.g. 2.00pm-2.40pm.
  2. Topic/sub-topic: this is the name of the subject matter to be taught that day.
  3. Objectives: there are the same objectives stated in the schemes but now transferred to the lesson plan, stating what to be achieved in one lesson of 40 minutes or a double lesson of 80minutes.
  4. Time: the time in the plan format shows the exact time the teacher will spend at every stage of the lesson (introduction, body and conclusion).
  5. Content: the exact information to be passed to the learner under the learner under the topic being taught, it is to be presented at three levels: introduction, lesson development and conclusion. It identifies the main points to be delivered in the body of the lesson.
  6. Learning activities: Refer to what the learners will be doing at each level of the lesson to show that learning is taking place or the objective is being realized. Each activity should be planned around the pattern of transition: introduction activities, lesson development activities, lesson development activities and conclusion activities. They should be specific and challenging enough depending on the learners’ level and ability. They should also be related to and helpful in achieving topic objectives and varied.





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