Instructional Methods: What are the factors that affect student motivation?



Chapter Seven

Motivation in Teaching and Learning 

7bii). Explain factors which affect student’s motivation.

  • Desire for teacher and peer approval: the students need the approval of those who matter to them, parents inclusive. This approval gives them a measure of personal worthiness and this increases their level of motivation. They strive to succeed in school in order to win the confidence and approval of the adults and the peer.
  • Desire to be like the teacher: Children at whatever age like identifying with significant adults in their lives and thus imitate them. This desire motivates them to learn more so when the teacher is the one in control of the learning environment.
  • Desire for mastery: the student has the desire to increase his/her knowledge, skills or talent to a level set. This desire motivates him/her to learn new things.
  • Desire to resolve uncertainty: the youth are uncertain about adults, peers and events happening in their lives. Will they, for instance, be accepted by these adults? Will they adjust to these changes taking place in the society?
  • Desire for control, power, and status: this is a recurring theme at adolescent, where the youth want other people to act to their dictates. This leads to them striving to control the learning process.
  • Desire to vent hostility: At adolescent, hostility and revenge become strong motives in children. They satisfy this motive by overt and aggressive acts of rebellion against authority(teachers and parents). This obviously affects their motivation to learn, they become unmotivated.

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