Instructional Methods: What are the Advantages of Teaching Strategies?

Chapter 4

Teaching Strategies

4a iv).Explain the advantages of teaching strategies.

Expository Heuristic
1.      The teacher is able to cover a lot of content within a limited time thus, saving time and personnel Stimulates learners’ mental activity because of high motivational level among the learners.
2.      It is easy to maintain discipline in that there is only one focus for attention (the teacher) Develops fluency in expression among learners.
3.      There is uniformity and authenticity of the information delivered since it is prepared after careful research and extensive reading. Encourages learners to discover information for themselves.
Trains in the presentation of ideas and facts
Develops critical thinking amongst the learners
Facilitates retention of material learned
Trains in democratic principles and in leadership responsibilities both in school and in the wider community.
It caters for individual differences especially when groupings are done according to the interests and talents of the learners.
It focuses on the child as the center of the learning process.

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