Instructional Methods: What are the types of Questions?


Chapter Five

Facilitation Methods

5a iii). Identify types of questions.

There are many ways of classifying questions. Bloom (1966) categorized them as:

  1. Lower order and higher order questions. Lower order questions involve both restating facts and information memorized earlier in their raw state or comprehending the information and applying it to new situations. They can be cognitive memory questions or convergent questions which are normally narrow and factual seeking the recalling of facts, the definition of terms or descriptive statements or recall of correct answers. The answer may consist of a single word or phrase or descriptive statements.
  2. Higher order questions are broad, more complicated calling for inter relationships and value judgments. They are classified as divergent and evaluative questions. Divergent questions are wider and open without correct answers. Their main purpose is to open students up so that they can think and imagine. Evaluative questions ask the pupils to put a value on something.

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