Instructional Methods: The project method

Chapter Five

Facilitation Methods

5b iv).Discuss project method.

This method aims at developing the child into a decent worthwhile citizen by actively involving one into the learning process and freeing and individual from traditional school environment that is usually marked with passivity and lacks keenness and real life.

The project method is defined as  a piece of work that needs skill, effort and careful planning especially over a period of time.


Type of Projects

There are different types of projects which can be used in teaching and learning. These are:

  1. Producer type: the learners are expected to construct real things and models, e.g. tools used by early humans, modes of transport, court of arms etc.
  2. Consumer type: the learners are expected to make use of already produced material, e.g. watching a film, reading or listening to a story about a great personality, studying speeches of great personalities and writing on the achievements and characters of the persons like Kwame Nkurumah, Nelson Mandela, Jomo Kenyatta etc.
  3. After consuming the produced materials, the learners can be engaged in a project like writing and acting out a story.
  4. Problem-solving project: the learners are exposed to a problem of solve in sciences, humanities or languages. The solution to the problem could be book-based or field based, i.e. the learner could solve the problem by reading books within the school or going out in the field to gather material towards the solution of the problem or both.

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