Instructional Methods: The Role of the Teacher in the project.

Chapter Five

Facilitation Methods

5c iii). Teacher’s role in a project

In the project work the teacher:

  • Helps the learners to identify suitable projects;
  • Guides, supervises, advises the learners as they work on the project
  • Monitors the progress of the learners
  • Makes an evaluation guide for evaluating the project;
  • Evaluates the project; and
  • Records and keeps safely the record for future use by other groups

Advantages of Project method

This method has the following benefits:

  • Preparing the child for life outside of school by acquainting one with real problems of life.
  • Promoting a sense of responsibility and cooperation among the learners as they work together to achieve a common goal.
  • Treating knowledge as a whole and correlating it avoiding compartmentalizing it into subjects.
  • Imparting training to students to inculcate in them independence, tolerance, patience, open-mindedness and resourcefulness. These virtues are essential for good citizenship.
  • Training for democratic way of life which is exercised through the choice of areas of interest in the project.
  • Upholding the dignity of labor because students learn to work with their own hands.
  • Developing important skills in learners, such as observation interviewing, critical thinking and decision making.
  • Utilizing the students’ potential to the full because they are encouraged to use and develop their own talents.
  • Providing flexibility in learning as the learners learn at their own initiative and pace

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