Instructional Method: The tremendous signficance of field trips


Chapter Five

Facilitation Methods

5c v).Describe field trips focusing on their importance, teacher/pupil preparation, individual or group responsibilities follow-up activities etc.

Field trip and surveys

These are visits or trips the learners make to the venues of learning. They are important because:

  • They make instruction real and vivid because students go out in the field to see and do it by themselves. They bare able to link instruction in real life.
  • They arouse curiosity among learners, thus increasing their motivation to learn;
  • They break class monotony where they have to sit in class day after day.
  • Learners develop the skills of analyzing and interpreting data; and
  • They extend the classroom into the countryside by participating in activities or problems of the community.

Possible areas for field trips

The following are some areas where students can be taken for study:

  • A factory (tea, sugar, coffee, etc).
  • A theater to see a production of a specific plays e.g. the burdens, Julius Caesar etc.
  • A swamp or a river near the school to gather specimen and study the river course.
  • Museum: to see historical artifacts, works of great art.

Historical sites e.g. Fort Jesus, Gedi ruins, Portuguese pillar, Hyrax hill, money order, telegrams, telefax etc.


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