Instructional Methods: What are the factors one has to consider when preparing a scheme?

Chapter Six

Planning for Teaching 

6a iii). Discuss the factors to consider in scheming

  1. The availability of the  syllabus: This will specify the objectives and content to be achieved and taught respectively.It ensures the teacher  uses the relevant syllabus in teaching otherwise he/she can end up teaching outdated content.
  2. The  nature of learners : It refers to the level, experience, ability, and background of the learners: What are the present capabilities and knowledge of the learners?
  3. The teaching/learning environment: This is physical conditions both in and outside the school under which learning takes place. This will determine organizational strategies to be adopted.
  4. Resources available in the school and the community. They include reference books, charts, maps, pictures, audio media and video clips.
  5. The nature of the teacher : The  ability, teaching style , competency , ability and experience of the teacher will determine  how  content will be taught.
  6. The relation between the subject being schemed for and other subjects taught in the school : This will determine the entry-level for students regarding specific topics and depth of the content depending on whether they have covered the similar content at another level.
  7. The number of lessons assigned for the subject being schemed for  in the school timetable. There are some subjects which have three lessons in a week, others have five and others as many as eight.
  8. The specific time of the day when a particular lesson will be taught: Is it in the morning, midday ,afternoon?
  9. Assessment of learning: How will the progress of the learners  being monitored, assessed and recorded?

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