Instructional Methods: Do you know how the scheming process works?


Chapter Six

Planning for Teaching 

6 b i). Describe the process of scheming.

For effective scheming, it is suggested that the following processes be followed:

  1. Read the syllabus to know the content from which schemes of work will be planned.
  2. Calculate the approximate number of teaching periods in the term, taking into consideration holidays, school activities, revision, tests, and examinations.
  3. Allocate time to the topics according to the complexity of the concepts.
  4. Arrange the topics to be taught so that there is a sequence of instruction.
  5. Find out what the previous background of knowledge and skills pupils require to be ready for the new content.
  6. Indicate at what time of the term continuous assessment tests will be given. This will depend on the policy of the school. In some schools, tests are given after every two weeks, a month or after covering each topic. The teacher needs to find out about the policy requirement and scheme accordingly. At the same time, the instructor should allocate time for revision towards the end of the term if it is a requirement by the school.

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