Instructional Method: What preparations are to be undertaken before going on a trip?


Chapter Five

Facilitation Methods

5d i).Describe measures undertaken for the preparation of a trip  by both the

Preparation for field trip

Preparation will differ depending on the distance between the school and the place. But in cases where the place is far, the following should be followed to the letter

  • Teacher identifying a relevant place to be visited.
  • Discussing the intended trip with the head of the school for approval
  • Informing the students about the intended trip.
  • Contacting relevant people or agents to seek permission.
  • Preparing and sending questionnaires in advance to the people who will be in charge of the students during the trip.
  • Agreeing on date, time and number of students, teachers, and activities the learners will be involved in.
  • Informing the parents about the visit through a written note.
  • Enlisting support and assistance of other members of staff and parents.
  • Making arrangements with school authorities for students left behind or duties left unattended.
  • Making route plan.
  • Reviewing field trip guide for students.
  • Providing students with necessary materials.
  • Arranging for safety devices by the students.
  • Establishing rules of contact, behavior standards and form of dress.
  • Giving procedure to be followed when one gets lost or is left behind.
  • Ting roll call before the start of the start of the trip.

During the visit or trip, both the teacher and the learners have these responsibilities

  1. The teacher should ensure that there is proper conduct in the bus during the trip, e.g. remaining on one’s seat, not sticking arms and heads out of the window.
  2. In cases of stops on the way, the teacher has to take roll call to ensure that nobody is left behind.
  • On arrival, the teacher should reinstruct the leaners on what should be done.
  1. The teacher has to ensure that students walk together in groups.
  2. The students should carry out specific tasks assigned to them e.g. collect data, specimen, measure, and interview, discuss, draw/sketch etc.
  3. The teacher should supervise the learners in various activities they are involved in
  • The teacher should control time and ensure that the students go back to school/home before nightfall.
  • If the trip calls for spending the night out away from the school/home the teacher should ensure that the students are safe and comfortable.

Follow up after the visit

For the teacher to assess the success and benefits of the trip, one should:

  1. Take about one or two lessons after the visit to consolidate the findings;
  2. Give time to group leaders to present their reports;
  • Write major points on the chalkboard for the benefits of the whole class
  1. Mark and file written reports in a class file for future reference;
  2. Give students an assignment based on the visit e.g. a project
  3. Correct any errors made by the guides or agents during the visit; and
  • Write a brief evaluation of the trip for future reference.



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