Instructional Methods: How does Oral language contribute to effective communication?



Chapter Eight 

Communication in the Classroom

8b iii). State how  Oral language contribute to effective communication?

A)Highlight three approaches which a teacher’s communication takes in the classroom:

  1. Demonstrating, showing or telling students how to do certain tasks.
  2. Discovering : Leaving learners to discover and examine experiences for themselves
  3. Discussing the task clarity and approach to be used and justification for the approach.

B)State the four media of communication in a  classroom.



3.Writing and


C) How does oral language contribute to the effectiveness of communication ?

Oral language contributes to the effectiveness of how we communicate.

1.The language is accompanied by the tone of the voice, pace, pitch, and how we project our voice.

2.Meaning of what has been received . The meaning  will  vary depending on the nature of the receivers and their attitude to the message being conveyed and the source of the information being received.

3.The gestures we use can either enrich or distort what we have conveyed.



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