Instructional Methods: Goals of education…What are they?


Chapter 3

Aims and Objectives in Education

3a)(i). Define the terms aims objectives and goals of education

Education aims are ideals enshrined in a body of values held dear by both the society and the individuals in that society.

Objectives of education refer to the intended outcome of the process of education. They specify what learners are expected to achieve at the end of learning or training.

The goals of education are the ends that a society sets for the educational system it operates.

Universal aims of education include:

  1. To provide humanity with minimum of the skills necessary for them, to take their place in society and to seek further knowledge
  2. To provide humanity with a vocational training that will enable them to be self-reliant.
  3. To awaken an interest in and a taste for knowledge;
  4. To make people critical; and
  5. To put people in touch with and train them to appreciate the cultural and moral achievements of human kind.

National goals of education in Kenya

  1. National unity;
  2. National development ~
  3. Individual development and self-fulfillment
  4. Social equality
  5. Respect and development of cultural heritage and
  6. International consciousness.

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