Instructional Methods: How can a teacher improve verbal communication?


Chapter Eight

Communication in the Classroom

8d i). Explain  how a teacher can make  his /her speaking skills effective ?

1.By ensuring that the  speech :

  • has an aim, clarity,and force.
  • has content which  is exhaustive.
  • humorous
  • illustrative and
  • ending with a forceful sentence.


2.By checking on the  tone of voice which through the speed of delivery, pitch, loudness and voice quality expresses one’s emotions and attitudes in a given situation. The tone must be varied, pronunciations distinctly done and the rate of the speech controlled.

3.Using appropriate language: to bridge the gap between the teacher’s and learner’s language.For instance,  the following should be noted:

  • Teacher language should be related to a common experience of the learners.
  • Provision should be made for new, first-hand experiences, the learner’s encounter in class.
  • Student’s should be given ample opportunity to talk and write their way towards understanding whatever experiences they encounter, whether first hand (experiments, visits etc.) or second-hand (through teachers, books etc.).




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