Instructional Methods: How can education be a system?



System’s Approach

2a(iii). Explain how education is a system.

Education is a system because it has a set of inputs (money, children etc.) which are subject to a process, in order to attain certain objectives which appear as outputs (educated adults, etc.). It is further argued that education can be viewed as a system because of a self-adjusting combination of interacting people and things designed by humans to accomplish some predetermined purpose.

A).  Briefly,  explain how  an educational system has three components of a simple system.

  1. Inputs: This is what is put in the system from the society. It includes teachers, pupils, facilities, resources etc.
  2. Process: These inputs are processed through teaching learning process to produce finished products.
  3. Outputs: These are the end results of the educational process. Educated individuals who are well-adjusted and ready to satisfy the needs of the society.

B).  Discuss how the Kenya education system has characteristics of a system

  1. A goal: This refers to the objectives of the system. In Kenya, the goals of education are specified among others as to foster: national unity cultural heritage, national development etc. The process of the education must also be guided by these goals.
  2. Elements: These are the parts of the system which will interact to achieve the goals. They include Kenya Institute of curriculum Development to develop the curriculum to be taught.There is also Ministry of education for administration and supervision , then the Kenya National for assessment and lastly the schools where the inputs will be processed .
  3. Harmony: For the goal to be realized, the elements or those involved in the educational process, must work harmoniously otherwise the goals will not be realized if one element is out of control.
  4. Feedback:The system will require feedback through the national examination to find out if the goals are being achieved.

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