Instructional methods: How is a school a system?



CHAPTER TWO: System’s Approach

A school as a System

2a(iv).Describe how a school is a system

The school is seen as a system because it has all the components and features of a system. It revives learners and makes an effort to transform them through the process of education. After school, the products should be mature and useful to the society. Thus, schools have goals which they ought to achieve. These goals are received from the society through the Ministry of Education where they are stated in the syllabi and other official documents and given to all schools in the republic of Kenya. The difference in emphasis comes in when the school is of both primary and secondary level.

The schools operate with various elements. These include the head teachers, the teachers, the learners, and the non-teaching staff. There is also the content and objectives to be realized as spelled out in each subject syllabus, there are physical facilities like classrooms, administration block, the dining hall, the kitchen, the library, the laboratories, the workshops, home science room, the toilets etc.  There are the teaching media (material resources) which will be needed for the teaching/learning process to be effective. Still, the government will be expected to provide salaries for the teachers and board of governors to pay for subordinate staff.

All these elements or school operators must work in harmony e.g. the head teacher has to administer the school, the teachers have to facilitate learning, the learners must attend class, do their classwork, homework, tests and examination, and non-teaching staff has to clean the compound and the facilities available, cook, cut the grass, pass messages from one group to another etc. They have also to type, duplicate materials, respond to phones etc. All these people have to interact harmoniously for the achievement of the goals of the school.

The school has also provision for feedback which consists of continuous assessment and testing and, examination programs and from elements of feedback. Feedback can take pace every day in every lesson through oral questions as the lessons are going on or it can take place in form of tests weekly, fortnightly or monthly.


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