Instructional Methods: Is there a difference between being Learned and being Educated?



1e(i). Discuss the difference between a learned and an educated person.

Whereas a learned person has acquired knowledge he is unable to use the knowledge selflessly and in a moral way to aid the members of the community. On the other hand, the  educated individual who is educated is able to apply the knowledge, attitudes,values and skills acquired  for the welfare of others in the society.

A learned person is one who has gone through the formal education system and acquired certificates but does  not apply what has been learned in life. He could have passed highly but he suffers from a lack of moral turpitude.When put in a position of leadership he squanders the very resources he was to use for the benefit of the masses.

The educated woman/ man  is one whose world outlook is influenced with what he/she learned. She presents herself as an epitome of decency,  a fountain of knowledge and a master of skills and practices what is morally acceptable in society. Indeed a good role model.

The educated has developed holistically in all domains of learning; in the  cognitive domain, psychomotor, social relating and in the affective. The educated could have knowledge and skills but lacks the two or has only knowledge.

Therefore one can pass through the education system from primary , secondary to University and still not be educated but learned.

A) Differentiate between education and learning

Education can be said to be a process through which a society passes on accumulated knowledge, values  and skills from one generation to another.  Learning on the other hand however, can be defined as the acquiring of new skills, knowledge, and values.

Both learning and education have  a great influence on the mind and character of a particular individual. It is however, important to note that, learning is more of a basic  instinct inherent in all human beings, whereas education is  acquired procedural .

Education is the process of imparting knowledge, values, skills and attitudes, which can be beneficial to an individual. On the contrary, learning is the process of adopting knowledge, values, and skills.

Learning is said to be an ongoing process. An individual is always learning, from her birth till her death. Education, on the other hand, is a state one gets to and remains at that state.The state influences his interaction with others in the society.   article_imageeeee



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