Instructional Methods: The role of the syllabus and time table in the scheme of work.


Chapter Six

Planning for Teaching

6d i).Why are the following important when making a scheme of work?

A. syllabus

  • Provides content and topics and sub-topics
  • Gives specific objectives to be attained in teaching each sub-topic
  • Gives a suggestion on resources to be used in teaching
  • Gives time frame of how many lessons each topic will take
  • Specifies which topics will be covered in the 1st , 2nd and 3rd
  • Suggests mode of assessment procedures

B.  school time-table

  • .Provides the numbers of lessons each subject will be taught in a week
  • Gives the specific time when the lesson will be taught
  • Identifies which subject, class, form, and the stream will be taught by which teacher.
  • Gives an overall view of the time the classes start ,time for the  break ,lunch and of the games after the lessons have ended.



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