Instructional Methods: What are the Characteristics of Instructional objectives?


3a(iii). Discuss the characteristics of instructional Objectives

  1. A terminal behavior which is observable and measurable. The  objective should describe should describe the learning outcome that the teacher intends to produce as a result of the instruction.
  2. A test condition which refers to the conditions under which the pupil is expected to met the standard required. The objective should show limitations of restrictions so that one can determine whether learning has taken place and state the conditions under which the learning experience should occur for one to say there was learning.
  3. The standard or level at which a pupil is expected to perform (level of performance). It refers to an indication of a standard of performance or an acceptable level of learning at which a student proves that she/he has mastered the subject. The objective should indicate the degree or standard expected in learning and must specify the appropriate level of performance indicated in the behavior.

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