Instructional Methods: What are the characteristics of Reflective Teaching?


1d(vi). Discuss the characteristics of reflective teaching

The characteristics of  reflective teaching  essential for  education practices are as follows :

  1. Being  critical of aims and objectives of education in  one’s country: An active  concern with the immediate aims and consequences of the classroom practice as well as means and technical efficiency to find out if  they are  professionally practicable or impracticable, educationally sound or mentally questionable? The teacher’s professional experience, knowledge,  and judgments should be brought to bear on policy-makers directly. This would in turn contribute to the political process of the teacher’s role as both a citizen and a professional.
  2. Applying  teaching  in a cyclical or spiraling process :  The  teachers are supposed to  monitor, evaluate and revise their own practice continuously because teaching is dynamic and it calls for planning, making provision and acting. Data have to be monitored, observed and collected on the learners regarding their intentions, actions, and feelings. This may lead the teacher to revise his or her classroom policies, plans and provision before starting to teach again.
  3. Being  competent in methods of classroom inquiry, to support the development of teaching competence. This is required in gathering( empirical), analyzing and evaluating information .It also calls for  empirical ,analytical and evaluative competencies.
  4. Acquiring  an attitude of open-mindedness, intellectual responsibility, and whole hardheartedness. One has to be open-minded about other people’s views especially students, accept responsibility concerning any decision and action considered, and be dedicated, single-minded energetic and enthusiastic in all undertakings.
  5. Making teaching  influenced partly by self-reflection  and partly by insights from educational disciplines.  The teachers have to use their judgment all the time as they adapt their teaching to the ever changing learning challenges within their circumstances and students presented to them.
  6. Enhancing personal fulfillment  through collaboration and dialogue with colleagues. This  calls for interaction among teachers both in the academic and social set up.

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