Instructional Methods: What are the factors that affect communication?


Chapter Eight

Communication in the Classroom

8a ii). State the factors that affect communication

Communication is affected by:

  • A purpose: this could be the social or functional purpose in which one is either trying to develop or modify relationship with others or is trying to give or obtain information. This explains why he/she is communicating.
  • Context: this is the medium through which communication takes place. It shows how communication is transmitted. They could be channels, languages or codes.
  • Content: this is what is communicated and its interpretation by the receiver. What meaning does he/she attach to the message conveyed?
  • Sources and receivers: the personal qualities of the sender which refers to qualities like empathy, compassion, sympathy, considerate in relation to others. It is important because the communication will be affected by who is communicating and to whom.
  • Communication skills of both the sender and receiver of the information are key to understanding and interpreting the message.

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