Instructional Methods: What does communication consist of?

Chapter Eight

Communication in the Classroom

8c iii). Describe the various elements and their interaction  in the  communication process.

  1. The source or a transmitter who has a message (ideas, thoughts, feelings, opinion, etc) which has to be communicated.
  2. The coding of the message where the transmitter must code the message to be transmitted  by   thoughts or feelings into sounds, words, or written characters, verbal comments or into gestures (non-verbal communication) which are to the receiver.
  3. The transmitter must now send the message in such a way that it can be received by the communication partner.
  4. The receiver receives the message over one or more of her/his perception channels.
  5. The receiver must decode and interpret, classify and adopt the message in order to understand it correctly.
  6. The receiver must now acknowledge receipt of the message  by letting  the transmitter know that the message  has been  received, duplicated and understood the message.

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