Instructional Methods: What factors are you as a teacher to consider when choosing a teaching strategy?


Chapter 4

Teaching Strategies

4a ii). Identify the factors to be considered in choosing a teaching strategy.

The selection of teaching strategies will depend on whatever approach will be most effective and more efficient in enhancing the learning process. One can be guided by the following considerations in choosing a strategy.

  1. The nature of the topic.
  2. Objectives of the lesson
  3. The type of the learners, their experiences, ability, interests, and skills.
  4. Teacher’s personality, interest, ability and creativity and his/her approach to teaching and to the subject at hand.
  5. Theories of learning e.g. traditional view versus progressive.
  6. Facilities and resources available e.g. buildings, books, money, local, immediate and familiar resources are of a particular importance to effective learning.
  7. Size of the class; the number of students in a given class. A congested class will favor more teacher-centered approaches.
  8. Environment: It refers to physical and cultural environment e.g. the weather, ventilation, lighting etc.

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