Instructional Methods: What is a model and what is its importance and limitations?

Speaking Together

Chapter Eight

Communication in the Classroom

8b i). What is a model?

A model is defined as a simplified description of a certain process, phenomenon or reality using diagrams and graphics, done consciously and in a planned manner. There are many models used in communication.

A) Explain the importance of  models in communication

  • They enable the readers to imagine, understand, appreciate and visualize the abstract.
  • They simplify complex processes, making it easier for the researcher to understand.
  • They make it easier for researchers to identify and perceive the relationships that exist between and among the systems and components of the communication process.
  • They help the researchers to make predictions about the outcomes of certain processes.

B) Highlight two (2) limitations of models in communication

  • Impossibility of designing a single model which is holistic, complete and adequate to explain everything in the field of communication.
  • Over simplicity of most models overlooking other processes that are equally important in the process of communication.

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