Instructional Methods: What is a system and what are its components?



System’s Approach

2a. (i)What is a system ?

A system can be defined as a set of components or elements interacting together towards a common goal.It is further defined as a set of interacting or interdependent component parts forming a complex/ intricate whole.

(ii) Explain the relationship between the system and its environment

  1. The environment provides the inputs be it money, people, resources etc. which is put in the system and  to a great extent determine the quality of the operation of the system.
  2. The environment establishes the constraints such as inadequate material upon the system.
  3. The environment consists of resources and constraints that affect the system either positively or negatively realized through its products.
  4. Each system has a dynamic stability(equilibrium) with the environment and exhibits various levels of balance among its elements based on common expectations and goals.

(iii )Explain the  components of a system.

Every system has the following main components.

  1. Input: This refers to what is put in the system for it to be operational. In the case of education, the input are students, teachers, materials etc.
  2. Output: What comes from the system. This refers to the end product of a system where in the case of education they will be educated individuals who have acquired relevant  knowledge, values,positive  attitudes and  skills .
  3. Process: What procedures the input goes through before it comes out as a finished product. In the case of education, it refers to the learning/ teaching process the individual student goes through before  coming out as a  final product.
Diagrammatic representation of a System

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