Instructional Methods: What makes one teacher more effective than another?



1d(iv). State the characteristics of effective teaching

They include but are not limited to :

1. The academic ability of the teacher and  the command of the subject matter.

2.The teacher’s  ability to assess the learners’ academic achievements and social learning.

3. Being knowledgeable on theory and practice of teaching and learning and using this information to practice.

4.Commanding a repertoire of best teaching models, strategies, and procedures and using them for classroom instruction and in interaction with other adult members of the school.

5.Having dispositions and skills to approach all aspects of your work in a reflective ,genuine and problem-solving manner; and

7.Viewing learning and teaching as a life-long process and having dispositions and skills for working toward improving your own teaching as well as improving schools

Therefore what makes one teacher more effective than another is more about the ability to apply the knowledge, values, and skills at his/her disposal in a creative  and innovative manner.



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