Instructional Methods: Skill Training and the Systemic Approach




1e(vi). Explain the Systemic approach used in skill training

In skill training, a systemic approach to training is used. The following steps could be applied.

  1. A trainer (supervisor) dividing the content of the training program in self-contained stages, where each can be taught as a unit. Each stage is examined to identify and describe “key points.”
  2. The trainer makes sure that the materials and equipment required for training is properly arranged.
  3. The supervisor talks to the trainee to find out what is already known about the job one is being trained for in order to arouse the trainee’s interest in learning
  4. The skill to be acquired is then demonstrated to the trainee in stages, explaining slowly and carefully, with particular emphasis on the key points.
  5. The trainee is allowed to perform the skill with the trainer observing to see that no mistakes are made and asking questions to ensure that the trainee has understood it. It may not be necessary for the trainer to repeat some of the instruction given earlier.
  6. The trainer puts the trainee to work or in the field, watching fairly closely at first but gradually relaxing supervision as the trainee gains confidence and

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