Instructional Methods:What is a lesson plan and what is its signifcance?


Chapter Six

Planning for Teaching

6 c i). Define “lesson plan”.

   A lesson plan is a work plan showing clearly all activities that are going to take place during the lesson and the order (sequence) in which they are going to follow.

A) Explain importance of lesson plan

  1. They are used as a basis for the lesson presentation. They give the teacher an agenda or outline to follow as the teaching takes place.
  2. They enable the teacher to be familiar with the teaching content and to visualize the best way of covering it.
  3. They serve as a guide/road map to the teacher on the content to be taught in order to avoid vagueness and irrelevancies.
  4. They serve as a memory bank, reminding the teacher of the main points to focus on during the lesson. This becomes important in the case of memory lapse, interruption or distraction.
  5. They give the teacher security and confidence, especially to a beginning teacher who can walk into a classroom with the confidence gained from having a well-developed and organized framework for the day’s instruction.
  6. They act as an orderly sequencing of content and learning activities in a lesson.
  7. They improve the teacher’s performance by acting as a basis for future planning.



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