Instructional Methods:Which are the teaching methods that fall under heuristic strategy of teaching?

Chapter five

Facilitation Methods

5a i).Identify and explain teaching methods which fall under the heuristic strategy of teaching e.g. questioning, discussion, debate, project, field trips etc.


It is a carefully designed string of questions which lead the learner to arrive at an answer.” Questioning is at the core of any teaching “the teacher who never asks questions never teaches.” They are a vital tool for teaching and learning. It is seen as a bridge between expository and heuristic approaches.


Discussion is a learning activity where a teacher and learner talk together in order to share opinions, views or information about a topic or problem. It makes an absolutely fundamental contribution to learning. A genuine class discussion must start with some attempt to elicit opinions and knowledge from the pupils to treat them seriously and to explore their consequences.


A debate is a very formal approach consisting of set speeches by participants of two opposing teams and a rebuttal by each participant. It calls for careful planning for it to be productive.


A project is defined as an educational assignment necessitating personal initiative on the part of the learner (Barnhart and Stein:1970).This method aims at developing the child into a decent worthwhile citizen y actively involving one into the learning process and freeing the individual from the traditional school environment that is usually marked with passivity and lacks keenness and real life.

Field trips 

There are visits or trips the learners make to the venues of learning. They are essential as they make instruction real and vivid because students go out in the field to see and do it by themselves. They are abel to link instruction in real life.


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