Instructional Methods: What are the factors that influence learning?




1e(iv). What are the factors that influence learning?

Learning is affected by the following factors:

  1. Intelligence of the learner
  2. The nature of  subject matter,that is, the type of content being  learned.
  3. The significance placed by the learner on what is being learned.
  4. The method and resources  used for learning.
  5. The learning style of the learner.
  6. The psychological state of the learner.
  7. The environment around which learning is taking place.

(V) Highlight conditions which determine efficient  learning ? 

Efficient learning is determined by  :

  1.  Stating  clear objectives in behavioral terms, that is  what is to be learned .
  2. Readiness for learning in terms of intellectual physical, emotional or social maturation.
  3. Use of communication methods appropriate to the age and ability of the learner.
  4. Careful guidance throughout the learning experience.
  5. Preliminary recall of all previously acquired knowledge relevant to the new materials to be learned.
  6. Learner paying  full attention on what is being learned and the maintenance of concentration throughout the learning process.
  7. Strong motivation to learn.
  8. Active involvement by the learner in the learning process.
  9. Feedback to the learner which indicates the progress being made in the learning process.

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