Instructional Methods:Discuss the functions of education in society?



1e(ii).  Discuss the  function of education  in society

The functions of education are as follows :

  1. Bringing up individual development: This includes catering for the fullest development of personality, training in independent, logical and imaginative thinking, self-discipline, the establishment of literacy and manipulative skills and lastly, provision of social experience that enables children to live and work easily with others.
  2. Preserving culture and values of the society: It has to pass on accumulated knowledge and wisdom valued and desired by the society from one generation to another. The information passed on is what is valued and desired by the society.
  3. Bringing about change: It translates ideas into reality by transmitting information on needed change in social, political and economic fields. A society can be revolutionized through education
  4. Catering for specific needs of the people: It has to address what individuals need in the society and go ahead to meet the need.



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