Instructional Methods: A Model of Good teaching



1d(ii). Explain a model of good teaching

  1. Diagnosing learners entry behavior: the teacher must diagnose the present state of knowledge the learners have, their experiences, needs, and desires as a basis for determining what should be taught and where to begin. The teacher has to relate the content to the child’s world so that it makes sense and should strive not only to encourage creative abilities of each student but also help to develop them emotionally and socially.
  2. Preparing for teaching: This includes planning lessons, motivating learners, gathering materials and arranging the setting for instruction;
  3. Guiding the learners in the actual instruction: This means showing learners how to perform, how to present their information, etc
  4. Evaluating the learning outcome: This is where the teacher assesses the students progress and the success of the instruction; and
  5. Follow-up: Helping learners to fill in what they have missed, and to build on what they have learned.models-of-teaching-4-728

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