Relgious Education: How is the question answer method a technique in the teaching of religious education?



3a. i) Explain the Question answer method a  technique in the teaching of religious education?


These are methods, which are learner centered, and they fall under heuristic approach. They are so called because they facilitate the acquisition of knowledge through interaction, experiences, and reflection. The learner is actively involved in the learning process. This is very important for the transmission of knowledge and values.

The learners are not only to hear but to see, to act out situations and even to debate on issues. In so doing they personalize the information and are thus able to recall, understand and apply it to their situations and of these close to them.

Some of the methods, which could be utilized by the teacher, are discussed in the pages that follow:

Question/answer method

Questioning is at the core of any teaching. It is an essential tool in the transmission of any information. It is defined as a carefully designed string of questions which lead the learner to arrive at an answer.

Questioning is very important in any presentation because of the role it plays:

  1. It motivates learning
  2. It sustains attention
  3. It stimulates interest, information, initiative, and creativity among the learners.
  4. It leads to one establishing a rapport with learners in order to keep them alert and attentive during the presentation.
  5. It prepares the audience for new content by assessing their knowledge level on a given topic.
  6. It evaluates the learner’s level of understanding by encouraging the transfer of ideas and application of knowledge and on the sports solution to problems.
  7. It encourages a problem-solving approach to teaching and learning.

Through questions, the teacher will know what information the learners have on a given topic and organize learning experiences accordingly. Their reaction to questions will also tell one whether they are following the presentation or not. If not, the teacher can adjust the teaching to satisfy the learners’ needs. Questions could be asked on practically any topic in the CRE/IRE syllabus


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