Religious Education: How can a teacher effectively utilize a religious education textbook?



5a viii). Examine the effective utilization of a religious education textbook.

Effective utilisation of a religious education textbook

For effective utilization of the text at whichever level, the teacher should do the


(1) Familiarize him/herself within the textbook. After identifying a topic covered in
the textbook
, the teacher should read and understand it and look for the same topic in
other reference books on available in the library.

(2}Add reality to textbook information by using teaching aids, examples and explanations which are not the same as those in the textbook.                                                    

(3) Rearrange the order of topics if you think it is desirable adapting it to the learners

and their needs.                                                                                                                                         

(4) Use only those parts of the text that seem to be relevant. Skip the other parts                  .
(5) Use the textbook for reference purposes during a lesson or a series of lessons.              

(6) Study pictures, maps, diagrams, sketches and particular passages and build lessons around them. They can form a basis for class discussion.                                                                  

(7) Use the textbook when you want to develop critical thinking by encouraging critical reading, thinking and testing for logic, and bias. The teacher can show the learners

that writers disagree sincerely by allowing them to compare the text with source

(8) Use the textbook when discussing controversial issues. Discuss with the students the
views held by different people and sources (books) where these arguments could be

(9) Use it to explain unfamiliar terms.                                                                                                            

(10)Use it to develop writing styles e.g. writing of stories, poems on social issues.                           

(11) Incorporate the textbook into multi-media teaching strategy i.e. use it with other
materials and methods.                                                                                                                         

(12) Use assignments in the textbook as follow-up activities after the lesson considering
different abilities of the learners.                                                                                                              

(13) Use it as a source of structure when planning to teach and encourage students to use
it as a basis for note-making.                                                                                                                    

(14) Evaluate the effectiveness of the textbook by finding out whether it has met
Religious Education objectives and the needs of the learners, the teachers and


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