Religious Education: What are the classifications of media in the teaching of Religious Education?


5 a ii). Examine the classifications of media in the teaching of Religious Education..

Classification of Media

There is a wide assortment of media to be used in communication of R.E. While some
are commercially produced others can be made locally. Although there are many ways of
categorising instructional media can be classified as:

  1. Print media.

These are reading materials that have been developed for use in the teaching of R.E or have relevant information on the topics in the related syllabus. They include the main sources of religious information the Bible and the Quran, the Government documents such as the constitution, Education Act and Commission reports. Others are textbooks, supplementary books, references books and newspapers, journals magazines, reviews, periodicals, pamphlets and newsletters.

  1. Non-projected media (Graphic materials)

These are materials that use combination of drawings, words, pictures and symbols. They include chalkboard, comics, cartoon strips, diagrams, charts, atlas, maps, pictures, bulletins, felt and magnetic boards.

  1. Audio-media

It refers to any material through which messages are directed to the ear. In this category there are audio-tape recorders and radio.

  1. Audio-visual projected media

These are materials through which messages are directed simultaneously at the ear and eye. They include sound film-strips, sound slide sets, sound motion pictures and video tapes.

  1. Internet

This is an international network of networks; basically it is a collection of millions of
computers hooked up to thousands of networks around the world by use of a communication link for the purpose of sharing data and other resources.

  1. Community Resources

These involve resource people, avenues of study, objects and events occurring in the community which will lead to the learner understanding better the topic under study.

  1. Mass Media

It refers to any means through which religious information is conveyed to the public.
This includes the radio, television, newspapers and the internet. Although these have
been covered in the categories mentioned so far, they should be given special
treatment because of the contribution they make in informing the public on social
issues such as HIV and AIDS epidemic, drug abuse, sexual abuse, abortions and


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