Religious Education: What are the commonly used materials in the teaching of Religious Education?



5a vi).List the commonly used materials in the teaching of   Religious Education.

Commonly used materials in the teaching and learning of R.E

A textbook can be defined as a standard book especially designed to communicate a
specific body of knowledge to a specific group of learners. It is written for a particular
subject at a particular time. Its importance in teaching R.E information cannot be underestimated because of these reasons:

(1) They spell out and interpret the syllabus by identifying relevant information which
relates to the syllabus objectives and content.

(2) They provide a uniform selected and an organized body of knowledge on the
syllabus content (topics and sub-topics).

(3) They assist the teacher in daily lesson preparation, in giving assignment, organizing
class activities and providing further readings to the learners thus reinforcing

(4) They furnish a permanent record to the learner, making it easier for an individual to
check and recheck what the writer has said thus improving performance.

(5) They could be used for individualised learning especially where teachers are in short
supply; individualising instruction enables learners to proceed at their own pace.

(6) They assist the teacher in teaching. This has led to some educators describing them
as “assistant master in print”.

(7) The format and style of a well-written and well-illustrated text can increase
children’s’ motivation to learn as new concepts are built upon what has proceeded.

(8) They enable the learners to develop certain skills e.g. note-making, critical thinking,
data analysis and imagination.

(9) They are economical because they can be used and re-used for a long time and their cost per student is quite low


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