Religious Education: What are the proper questioning techniques that a teacher ought to employ in the teaching process?


3a ii).Explain the proper questioning techniques a teacher ought to ensure is used during the teaching process.

For one to apply questioning technique adequately, the following should be observed:

  1. Clarity of expression: Use simple language and to the level of the audience which will produce the right response(s).
  2. Question on what is within the experience, ability and background of the learners to get response.
  3. Have an answer in mind.
  4. The questions should be directed to the whole group leading to the involvement of as many people as possible.
  5. Sequence questions so that they chart a logical sequence reflecting the development of the presentation.
  6. Use prompting questions when there is no response or the response is weak, or the response is partly or completely incorrect.
  7. Pick on individuals to respond to the questions, use their names.
  8. Use probing technique to get better response through support questions, clarification, rephrasing, use of examples, etc.
  9. Pause after asking a question for digestion, organization and response from the learners.
  10. Give credit for effort made by using reinforcement techniques.
  11. Do not interrupt the learner’s response even if it is wrong.
  12. Accept correct answers and comment on the wrong ones so that the learners have no doubt as to the correct response.
  13. Avoid chorus answers and rhetorical questions

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