Religious Education: What are the resources of teaching religious methods?






5a i). Examine the resources of teaching religious methods


Davis (1975) defines resources as anything in the school or its environment which is living or inanimate that way be used to help teaching or learning. These may include people in various guises, buildings and their surrounding, physical plants and even actions resulting from a change in any particular section.

Media, channel, medium, technology and resources are related terms pomtmg to materials and their organization in the communication process, so that when one talks of  media of communication, s/he is referring to printed word in form of books, newspapers,  magazines, pictures, radios, televisions, videos, computer, projectors, 3 dimensional figures, realia (objects) and the general environment with its physical phenomenon.

It would be necessary to draw a distinction between communication media (educational
medium) and communication aids. Communication medium is a device of communication which contains all the necessary parts of a message audio and or visual stimuli and exposition of some kind either written or spoken to give them the requisite significance. Such media include films, videotapes, television and radio programmes.

Communication aids also called instructional aids are those devices which do not carry
the other instructional load but serve only to support a classroom teacher or
communicator face to face presentation. The examples are charts, posters, overhead
transparency, projector, pictures, realia etc. They are not complete in themselves without
the exposition of the teacher; they are therefore just aids to the learning process


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