Religious Education: What is the criteria for textbook selection?


5a vii). Examine the criteria for textbook selection

Criteria for textbook selection

The teacher should choose a class text against the criteria below:

(1) The relevancy of the text book to the curriculum objectives of teaching of R.E.

(2) The accuracy of information conveyed. This is determined by the authenticity,
competency and background of the writer.

(3) Content coverage as per syllabus which is well explained and free from bias, and

(4) Proper arrangement of content which include; an information table of content,
glossary, complete and detailed index and bibliography.

(5) Suitability of the language used in relation to the class or group to be taught. It
should be suitable in style, vocabulary and sentence construction (simple and short).

(6) Attractive and stimulating illustration which should include devices that aid past
learning such as illustrations and pictures to avoid monotony of print. The
illustrations such as pictures, sketches, maps, diagrams and time charts should be
correct, authentic, purposeful and appropriately placed in the textbook with proper
size and suitably captioned.

(7) Clarity and readability of print: It should be easy to read, the type face pleasing with
enough spacing between words, line and paragraphs. The paper should be good and
the binding strong.

(8) It must provide a variety of thought-provoking activities and exercises for the
learners at the end of each chapter. These activities and exercises should be
appropriate for both gifted and slow learners and promote the spirit of inquiry and
motivate students for further study in religious related issues.

(9) The price must be affordable.


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