Religious Education: What is the importance of role playing in the teaching of Religious Education?


3b vi). State the importance role playing in Religious Education.

Importance of role playing in R.E

  1. The participants and audience are able to see a situation through other people’s point of view. In other words they will be able to conceptualise the dangers of irresponsible sexual behaviour through those people who are
    affected and infected by HIV and AIDS. It opens their understanding and feelings for those affected and infected as they try to play these roles.
  2. It prepares them for real life situations because they play roles of historical characters or events in the society. The characters for instance, become alive in the mind of the participants.
  3. It helps in clarifying certain concepts, and demonstrating attitudes and values which otherwise would have been different to conceptualise or i
  4. It helps in planning and trying out strategies for attacking social and religious problems or evils.
  5. It helps in testing out hypothetical solutions to problems.
  6. It enhances motivation in learning as the roles played excite both the participants and the audience.
  7. Participants especially children and the youth are able to practice leadership.
  8. It helps in developing hidden talents of learners that are not nurtured by teaching procedures.

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