Religious Education: What is the organization of role playing in the teaching of Religious Education?



3b vii). State the step by step organization of role playing in Religious Education.

Organization of role play

  1. Select a topic in a C.R.E or I.R.E syllabus, which the class understands very well.
  2. Specify the purpose for role playing e.g. is it to highlight the prize of unfaithfulness/irresponsible behaviour.
  3. Explain areas of emphasis in the topic.
  4. Decide the number of the players.
  5. Encourage the audience (learners) to volunteer to play different roles.
  6. Select the required number from those who volunteer to partici
  7. Use your discretion to assign roles.
  8. Be sure that the players understand the situation and their roles.
  9. Brief the audience and make sure everyone understands what the players are trying to do.
  10. Let the students act out the situation.
  11. Stop a player when she steps out of the role or when she cannot continue with success.
  12. If time allows get a second group of students to play the roles when the first group has finished.
  13. Summarize the role play presentation, with a short discussion.
  14. Give concluding remarks, correcting any misinterpretations and errors made.

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