Religious Education: Which are the teacher made resources for the teaching of Religious Education?


5a iv). Analyze the various teacher made resources for Religious Education teaching.

Teacher made resources for RE teaching

Given the expenses involved in producing media, it is advisable that R.E teachers should
produce their own resources because of the following reasons.

  • Teacher made materials can be adjusted to local needs and the environment.

  • The same material could be tailored to instructional needs.

  • It is easy for the teacher to evaluate the effectiveness of the resource s/he has produced and revise it accordingly.

  • A teacher utilizes better a material s/he has made than the one she has bought.

  • Teacher made resource can lead to the learners developing a variety of skills such as creativity, imagination and initiative as they are involved in producing these materials.

Although the resources produced by the teacher have the above strengths, they also suffer from the following limitations:

  • Low production quality because of lack of expertise on the part of the R.E teacher.

  • High production cost which cannot be justified for the limited local use.

  • Unavailability of materials in schools and communities hampers their production and therefore their utility. Lack durability because of cheap materials used in their production.


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