Religious Education:What is the importance of learning resources?


5a iii). Explain the importance of learning resources in the teaching of Religious Education.

Importance of learning resources

Use of media is essential in the teaching of R.E because:

  1. It increases learners’ motivation by creating a conducive atmosphere which is
    stimulating, interesting and intellectually rewarding. Motivation increases
    because of the learning resources’ concreteness and interest appeal. The level of
    motivation will depend on how the teacher organizes the class for the utilization
    of the resource.
  2. It leads to sharing of ideas, thoughts, feelings and knowledge. This sharing leads
    to ones persuasion to change his/her attitudes or to adopt desirable responses or
  3. It can be tailored to the abilities and needs of learners each of which has a
    preferred way of learning e.g. through sight, experience, listening etc. For example, media can be used to structure learning experiences for the under  achievers.
  1. It enhances learning, increases perception, understanding and reinforcement and
    hence retention of what has been taught. According to Squnders (1974), 11 of
    what is learnt is through the sense of hearing, and 83 through sight. He goes on
    to reveal that 20 of what is seen is retained compared to 50 of what is both
    seen and heard.
  2. It adds life and can enrich a lesson by encouraging participation, appealing to the
    learners varied abilities and ensuring order and continuity of thought.
  3. Media enables the learner to acquire and strengthen skills in reading, observing,
    listening and communicating ideas.
  4. Media can also be used to present facts, organize knowledge, stimulate,
    imagination and change attitudes
  5. Instructional media makes learning real because it enables the learner to come in
    contact with either the real things s/he is learning, or purely visual materials of the
    items learnt.

Learning resources can either be commercially produced or teacher made. There are a
number of materials in the market which are valuable source of R.E information. They
include written documents by individuals and organizations such as textbooks, religious
documents, magazines, newspapers, video tapes, pictures, charts, radios and TV

Commercially produced materials are advantageous basically because they are of high
quality since they are produced by experts. They are also durable and more authentic.
However, their main limitation is that they are expensive to produce and buy.


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