Religious Education:What is the relevance of field trips in the teaching of Religious Education and which places can a teacher take students for religious education?


3b iv).Examine the relevance of field trips.

Field trips

Field trips also known as religious visits are related to project method in that a project can take the form of a trip to an area/a village where the project is being conducted. It calls for a visit to an area of religious value to the learners. Possible areas where trips can be made to are:

  1. An established church or a mosque, a traditional shrine/ grove, mountain or river with a religious significance.
  2. Community events such as marriages, baptism, crusades, funerals, initiation ceremonies, Easter and Christmas celebration e.t.c
  3. Hospitals where there are HIV / AIDS patients.
  4. Rehabilitation centres for HIV/AIDS patients or orphans or even drug addicts.
  5. Children homes for orphans and abandoned children in need of love.
  6. A village devastated by HIV/AIDS – Kendu Bay, Rang’
  7. Approved schools to illustrate what can befall them when they disobey God, the parents and the teachers.
  8. A police station or prison to see criminal
  9. A visit to a law court to listen to court proceedings
  10. A visit to parliament to listen to the proceedings

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