Religious Methods: What are some of the factors to consider while presenting?




2a iv). What are some of the factors one should consider in the presentation phase of the lecturer method?

In the presentation stage one has to:

  1. Introduce the topic by identifying the objectives of the lecture/topic, highlighting the main points of the lecture, defining new terms.
  2. Show enthusiasm for the topic you are teaching, this will arouse the learner’s interest in the lecture.
  3. Punctuate the lecture with pauses.
  4. Ask thought provoking questions in strategic places to involve the audience.
  5. Check on the understanding by asking the audience a few questions.
  6. Encourage them to ask
  7. Reinforce the points of the lecture and provide for transfer by relating key points to the audience’s experiences, success or interest and drawing examples from the class group.
  8. Make use of examples and illustrations to illustrate points.
  9. Supplement or add life to a lecture by making use of audio-visual aids, and other aids like maps, charts, pictures, film strips, slides, realia, and objects.
  10. Repeat important points for emphasis or give the learners chances to catch up by summarizing information for them.
  11. Avoid irrelevancy by keeping to the point.
  12. Try to be humorous to make the lesson interesting.
  13. Make use of chalkboard/a chart/overhead projector transparency for a summary of the main points of the lesson and illustrations.
  14. Use a familiar language and to the level of the audience.
  15. In the conclusion be forceful by either summing up or reviewing by asking related questions or giving assignments.
  16. Follow the lecture with related activities to bind the learning by:
  • Ensuring the learners make notes using your outline
  • Checking their notes and knowledge acquired
  • Carrying a discussion with them on the points they did not follow
  • Giving a project related to the content in the lecture
  • Asking oral questions on content covered
  • Asking them written questions to test their understanding
  • Allowing a student to summarize the main points of the lecture in a new lesson

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