Religious Methods: The Narration Technique.



2b i). Explain the narration technique and explain how it is effective in the teaching of Religious Education.


Narration is an oral presentation of a string of events often with explanations of the events in terms of their causes and effects (Groenwegen: 1993). These could be local, national, international or historical events or issues.

It is one of the most suitable and important method of teaching R.E because:

  1. It presents to the learners clear, vivid, interesting and orderly sequences of events.
  2. Through this, the learners visualize the people and events the way it helps to stimulate the learners’ imagination.
  3. It helps in enhancing the interest of the learners in R.
  4. It is good for character formation when children emulate the characters of great heroes in the Bible or Quran or in the present or past societies.
  5. It provides an opportunity to bring closer and makes real to the learners the religious experiences of different people.
  6. It helps in emotional development of learners as they begin to appreciate what others have done in the society or even to sympathize with them.
  7. It is a source of enjoyment.
  8. Jesus himself effectively used this method in most of his teaching.

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