Religious Methods: What are the considerations for selection of a teaching strategy?




2a i). Explain  what factors  a teacher of Religious Education should consider before  selecting a teaching  strategy.

It is important to note that selection of a teaching strategy will depend on whatever approach will be most effective and more efficient in producing learning. The teacher  can be guided by the following considerations in choosing a strategy.

  1. The nature of the  subject matter : What type of content are you going to teach? For instance  some topics are unfamiliar to the learner and requires the teacher to  expose  the content to the learners and therefore adoption of expository strategy.
  2. Objectives of the lesson: What do you want to achieve in your lesson?
  3. The nature  of the learners, their experiences, ability, interest and talents : Who are your students ?
  4. The personality of the teacher; his/her interest, ability and creativity and his/her approach to teaching and to the subject at hand : Who are you ?
  5. Facilities and resources available e.g. buildings, books and money.
  6. Size of the class: This refers to the number of pupils in a given class. A congested class will favour more of  teacher-centred approaches
  7. Environment: The physical and cultural environment one operates in

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