History and Government: How best should video lessons be organized?



3 f ix). Examine the most effective ways to organize video lessons.

A video lesson could be organized as follows:

  • Introduce the video programme. This can be done by giving a brief statement on the programme, explaining the purpose for watching it, emphasizing on what to look for.
  • Give a predictive exercise, which will prepare students for what they are about to hear and view to familiarize them with the content of the videotape. It will involve asking them to predict/imagine what they are likely to see in that programme.
  • Show the videotape.
  • Follow up the predictive exercise by asking questions to compare what they have viewed and what they had imagined.
  • Reshow the video a second time if necessary.
  • Organize follow-up activities/exercise. This can be done in many ways e.g.: discussing the content of the video, students to role playing, doing written exercise related to what they have seen, or reading further on “the topic.

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