History and Government: How does a teacher construct multiple choice items?


6 b vi). Identify how to construct multiple-choice items.

How to construct multiple-choice items       

The following steps should be followed when constructing multiple items:

  • Choose relevant and important topics from which to develop items.
  • Design statements that imply situations that students have not previously encountered.
  • Write the stem (the question) first. Try to make it as short as possible and use clear simple language.
  • The stem must be carefully worded to avoid vagueness and different interpretations.
  • State your questions positively because negatives tend to confuse students.
  • Look for the key (answer).
  • Make sure that there is only one correct answer.
  • Look for destructors (wrong options). .
  • Destructors should not be obviously wrong.
  • Make all the responses almost equal in length or make two responses short and the other two long.
  • Place the correct answer in different positions in each question,
  • Make sure all responses fit grammatically with the stem. If only the correct answer completes the sentence in a grammatical way you are providing a clue to the student who is guessing,
  • Avoid phrases such as none of these or all of them.
  • Ensure mat the test is not too long otherwise it will become an endurance test rather than a test of ability.

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