History and Government: How is a history room supposed to be maintained?


3g iv).  State how a history room should be maintained.

How to maintain a history room

The learners with the help of the teacher should furnish the room. After furnishing it, maintenance

  • The teacher should assign duties to learners to:
  1.  clean the room;
  2.  care for the furniture, books and other displayed materials in the room;
  3.  arrange and file documents.
  • The teacher should encourage learners to equip the history room by collecting and preparing materials to be used so that the room can grow steadily and constantly with time.
  • The teacher should change material when it has served its purpose.
  • The teacher should make sure that whatever is there serves a purpose.

Note: In our schools, this provision for a history room is not there, but it is the duty of a history teacher to campaign for one. One has to convince the administration that it is a necessity for effective history teaching and learning


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