History and Government: What are schemes of work and what are their importance?



5a i).Define schemes of work and explain their importance.

Schemes of work

A scheme of work can be defined as a breakdown of the syllabus into manageable units, which could be covered in a specific period of time. It could last for a week(s), month(s) or a whole year.

What is the Importance of a scheme of Work?

Scheming is essential in teaching because:

  • It makes teaching both systematic and orderly.
  • It gives the teacher a forward insight in teaching by enabling one to identify content, methods and relevant instructional materials which are going to be used in the lesson. The teacher thus plans the work ahead of time.
  • It enables the teacher to see lessons in a broader perspective thus guiding one during lesson preparation.
  • It enables the teacher to budget for time wisely giving room for events and activities which might interfere with the school calendar e.g. public holidays, prize giving day and outing. Also time is budgeted according to the level of difficult}’ of the content.
  • It checks the teacher’s pace of teaching,
  • It enhances smooth handing over in case of transfer of a teacher, thus ensuring continuity in teaching.

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